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.: space glitch devblog #2 - starship flight :.

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Yes! Finally, I got to build and fly a starship; still, I had a bit of a mixed feeling as to how I wanted the starship to navigate. I had several Ideas as to how to achieve it, but, choices were still a complication; whether I should used realistic physics or not realistic and (either with or without Rigid bodies), I ended up writing about 4 - 5 controller scripts.

.: Lylat Wars (Star Fox) N64 :.

I Remembered having a bunch of fun battling my brothers and childhood friends at Lylat Wars on N64. Star Fox has simple, non-realistic controls and movement, so I used that as a reference base and finally came up with something I kinda like and I hope you will like too.

I will upload a gameplay video in devblog #3.

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